Advertising on TikTok for Business

Advertising on TikTok for Business

Advertising on TikTok for business is a new social test for the business owners. TikTok, a social video app successfully launched in China in 2016, debuted in the US in 2017. Its fanbase is humongous. It was created by CEO Zhang Yiming at the age of 29 in 2012.

TikTok Statistics:

– downloaded 80 million times, the third most-downloaded app globally
TikTok has captured 150 markets, in 75 languages
– 500 million TikTok monthly active users globally
– every user spend an average of 52 minutes per day on TikTok
– users are under 30 years old on the bases of demography

What we’re expecting from TikTok ads?

A lot of speculations has come up for Advertising on TikTok for business. Its organic influencer marketing is doing well. Facebook is the grandpa of the leading global social media marketing platform. As we witness the high prices & declining organic reach on mature platforms, TikTok’s video format could give a run for money to various social media marketing platforms.

Why TikTok ads with Enrage Tech?

With our expertise, Enrage Tech always makes the client reach the right audience and boost the business. We are the best at targeting your brand to the right group of people & ensure your brand show maximum impressions on your targeted audience on TikTok.

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