Different Types of Facebook Ads

Different Types of Facebook Ads

Facebook is the largest social media network and an excellent platform for ads. The different types of Facebook Ads allow the chance to market your business to your target audience. It is a cost-effective media to improve your brand on social media. It gives us tons of options to build your campaign and increase your conversion rate.

Let’s take a quick tour of the different types of Facebook ads to help your business grow:

#1. Lead Ads

The important type of Facebook ad campaign is lead ads. It is most specifically designed for mobile devices to connect with the audience.

Facebook gives the opportunity to sign up, collect newsletter subscriptions, like the page, ask for a trail or sample without sending people to a landing page.

Facebook automatically fills the information- user’s name, email address, or phone number, without putting the user to fill out manually.

#2.Photo Ads

It is understandable to start a new campaign for the first time is a bit risky for you. After all, you don’t want anything wrong to happen at the beginning.

Don’t hesitate, just boost one of your past post with a photo from your Facebook collection and start your personalized facebook advertisement.

Using this feature, you will surely get results through it as the post already have an audience base and would help in getting new users.

#3. Video Ads

Videos are more engaging than an image as it is somewhat self-explanatory. Moreover, Facebook also prioritizes video content.

From all the Different types of Facebook ads, Advertising through video ads will showcase your products in motion, in addition, show the best features of the products.

Opting this ad option will increase your brand awareness and will generate maximum conversions as Facebook users end up watching videos on a daily bases.

#4.Carousel Ads

A Carousel ad, a multi-purpose ad campaign is the most effective way of Facebook Advertisement.

Using this feature, you can showcase several products on Facebook. Carousel ad drafts up to 10 photos or videos of your product or service.

There are mainly three purposes to drive a campaign on Carousel ads:
-catching the attention of the audience leading to generating more online visitors
-boost conversions as you showcase more products to be viewed by the potential customers
-capturing the market by displaying the top best selling products which could increase your CTR

#5.Canvas Ads

Canvas Ads gives the experience of a full-screen ad connecting the user to the brands and products online.

With Facebook Canvas, the user won’t just see your story rather can watch videos and photos, go through carousels, tilt to pan, and a lot more.

Considering different types of Facebook ads, this Ad feature is more engaging and creates a connection between the user and your product

It allows the user to become a part of the brand, further making them to like your product. Hence, assists to achieve your business goal and promote your product.

Remember, Facebook is one of the largest online platform to promote your business cost-effectively. It gives the opportunity to exploit the maximum from Facebook to make the brand name of your business and these different types of Facebook ads help to give your business a boost.


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