Facebook vs Google: Which Campaign Is Better for Advertising?

Facebook vs Google: Which Campaign Is Better for Advertising?

Facebook vs Google: Which Campaign Is Better for Advertising? This is the real question that every business thinks when they go online to reach the target audience. Google AdWords was the boss until facebook entered the ring.

Facebook and Google both have a great list of features to share with the Business Campaigns. Let’s explore the unique feathers in both, and what stands out on comparing the two completely different platforms for advertising.

Facebook’s Best Features

Facebook is the grandparent of social media and has 1.13 billion daily active users. Find out the Best Features for Advertising on Facebook:

Boost Audience Targeting: With staggering more than 1.55 billion monthly active users, advertising on Facebook is a win-win situation. Everyone on the planet is having their Facebook account.
Facebook comes with manifold features to target audience on the basis of interest, demographics, and behavior.

Partner in Crime: Instagram is an emotional member of the social media family which is owned by Facebook. Instagram boasts 1 billion monthly active users, 500 million daily users, and 80 million photos shared on average per day. Instagram has way better statistics on content sharing and engagement. Hence, Targeting the audience on this extended platform will be a cherry on the cake.

Extremely Affordable: The average CPC (cost per click) is lower on Facebook than any other platform for advertising. Irrespective of the size of the Business, the minimum ad spend is less a dollar per day on Facebook. A deal worth investing for!

Businesses Best Suit for Facebook: Small business is best suited for the advertising campaign on Facebook with a focus on brand building. Along with this, B2C is a better option on a social platform like Facebook.

Google’s Best Features

Puting Facebook on hold, Google is still a shark in the sea when it comes to search engines. Google as a gigantic active audience of over 40,000 search queries per second that’s tough to beat. Find out the Best Features for Advertising on Google AdWords:

Unparalleled Audience Size: Google has a herculean active audience of over 40,000 search queries per second that no platform has dared to knockdown. Talking about the statistics, the analytic tool that Google AdWords offered by Google Adword is by far the best in the analytics industry. With the advanced analytics, making well-informed decisions about the direction of the ad campaigns is easier.

A Friend Indeed: Youtube holding a big piece of the audience with the figure of 2 billion monthly active users, 30 million daily active users with 62% of businesses use YouTube. On top of this, Google has the added benefit of owning YouTube.

Budget Control: Like Facebook, Google AdWords would not reward the one who pays more for the ad. Google focuses more on the relevance and the quality of the ad that you submit to them. Google has a feature to specify a daily budget for ad spending.

Businesses Best Suit for Google AdWords: Large business is best suited for the advertising campaign on Google AdWords with a focus on Fast Sales. Along with this, B2C & B2B are the better options to be successful on Google AdWords.

Which is the best one for your business? Here is a simple break down:

facebook brand awareness

Facebook Is About Brand Awareness where Ad Targeting Options are:

Psychographics: Facebook’s target ads on users’ education, workplace, and likes, among others

Custom Audience: Target users who have already visited your website

Demographic: Unlike Google, Facebook demographic targeting is extensive and accurate

Geo-Targeting: Facebook geo-targeting is same as Google
Retargeting: Facebook gives more results on retargeting ads than Google

google instant results

Google Is About Instant Results As You Type where Ad Targeting Options are:

Keywords: Keyword based targeting helps Advertiser to get an audience based on the keyword

Customer Match: Target user with a batch of email addresses that we upload to Google

Demographic: Google demographic targeting is limited as compared to Facebook

Geo-Targeting: Google geo-targeting is same as Facebook

Retargeting: Some agencies report that Facebook fives more result on retargeting ads than Google


campaigns for facebook

After going through the ups n downs, this article helps you with giving the clear picture as Which Campaign Is Better for Advertising?. Facebook is more alluring with all the visuals, gifs, and a plethora of ideas to display the video to build a brand, Retargeting is easy, Instagram is a great help, and Extremely Affordable for Small Businesses.

Whereas Google AdWord is strictly considered for selling purpose with high-quality content and faster drive of traffic, focusing on Larger Businesses, YouTube is great support, Search Ad with over 40,000 search queries per second, and controlled budget.

As an individual, just picking one platform and entirely ignoring the other might be considered as closing the unique opportunities of both worlds. Hence, focusing on your time and money, look for the right platform, but at the same time don’t abandon the other as you can acquire a variety of uses out of both.


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