Graphic Design Tips For Non-Designers

Best Graphic Design Tips For Non-Designers

Graphic designing is a daunting task when it comes to an unprofessional person. These graphic design tips for non-designers will make you a pro in this field. The astonishing technology has given us a plethora of software helping in making a visual look fabulous. Along with this, some basic yet essential tips are necessary to be a master in graphic designing. Still have doubts? 

Here are Best Graphic Design Tips For Non-Designers :


Choosing the right color combination and contrast is very important when you talk about graphic designing. The image color should be in accordance with the color of the website on which you are working. Adobe Color CC is an online resource to help create cohesive color schemes.


As a beginner, do not simplify your work by just copy paste stuff. Copying the idea of others is a big NO. Think out of the box and use your creativity and unique content.  It is one of an important Graphic Design Tip For Non- designers.


Design is fundamentally about communication and Typography is the visual representation of the words. Placing words over the image in making logos is a hard task. Place the text over a background image in a way that it conveys the message through your logo/image and is eye catchy. The choice of the font helps the online reader to connect the text with images without any difficulty. Always allow the text to be darker than the background image.

graphic design logos


Utilizing white space is a great graphic design tip. Keeping the white space will help in focus on the ultimate text without any distraction. Stuffing the page with color, text, images will create chaos in the mind of the readers. White space assists in maintaining the simplicity and the balance between the text and the image.

white background color image

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