Mobile ERP -Application for Production Management

Automate & Streamline Business Processes with Greater Adaptability

  • Align key business processes in planning, design, development, procurement, inventory, manufacturing, sales & delivery .
  • Match overall supply with demand and manage all resources & assets along the entire value chain.

Respond quickly to Changing market conditions

  • Use integrated, real-time sales & operational information to accurately anticipate, plan for & respond to orders and new demand, as well as reduce forecasting errors .
  • Model production capabilities, quickly share engineering information & adjust product mix for changes in demand to capitalize on new opportunities exceed expectation.
  • Support compliance with regulatory requirements, including safety & environmental regulations, by quickly validating manufacturing processes while conforming to individual markets requirements.

Decision Making on Strategic Business Insight

  • Rich out-of-the-box analytical performance measurement tools hone the strategic planning & monitor the overall health of the organization.
  • 360-degree visibility on accurate forecasts, effective budgets, proper resource allocation & goals.
  • Combine operation & financial analyses to optimize day-to-day operation.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

  • Delivering products on time with high quality .
  • Faster time to market, higher-quality products & accurate information provided to customers .

Improve Productivity

  • Collaborate across business functions to consolidate information, align strategies & standardize operational processes .
  • Increase information worker productivity through realistic, appropriate business roles .
  • Increase adaptability to process changes by enhancing existing skills & assets with real-time information exceed expectation .

Fuel efficiency & Reduce risk across the entire organization 

  • Standardize processes & easily share best practices .
  • Support multiple manufacturing modes & a hybrid or mixed-mode environment  .
  • Reduce time across the Order Process Cycle (Quote-Order-Delivery) there by reducing   the loss risk .

Gain insight into Costs & Process efficiency   

  • Analyze & manage production schedules with reporting tools & “what-if” scenarios, including capacity loading, shop floor activities & production costs .
  • View real time client, contract & project details for an accurate accounting of profitability .

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