Post Animated GIFs on Facebook

Post Animated GIFs on Facebook

Using GIF images into your posts or comments

Post Animated GIFs on Facebook is as happening as it is on other social media. It’s amazing to post GIFs to express the reaction or convey the feeling innovatively. Not only text or emojis but the GIFs are trending to summarize a message.

Talking about GIF, GIF files are small clips, repeating images often cropped out from the video clips. These can be self-made animations adding movements and text along to express it better.

Going further, having a topic to discuss which is Post Animated GIFs on Facebook, has its own built-in GIF tool. You can use it by clicking on the GIF button, having the search icon too, one can easily search and insert GIFs into status updates and comment sections.

How to Use Facebook’s Built-In GIF Tool

Search for the CREATE POST field at the top of your News Feed on Facebook.

Look for the three horizontal dots and tap to select the GIF icon on the pop-down a GIF

 A pop-down menu will show the trending GIFs, search (inside the field) for the GIF which suits right to your situation.

fb gif

Either you can scroll through the trending GIFs showing in the grid or Alternatively, type a keyword or phrase in the search field.

Getting your desired GIF, click or tap on it to Post Animated GIFs on Facebook. The thing to be considered is you can only attach one GIF at a time per post.



Posting GIF in Facebook Comments

Posting a GIF in Facebook comments is not a Rocket Science. It is as easy as ABC. You can post it from both the web and the app too. What you really need to do is just look for the GIF icon and do the steps explained above.

trending gif

Where to Find More GIFs to Manually Post on Facebook

You have all the authority to Post Animated GIFs on Facebook by manual sharing or upload. This could be helpful where you have the access to have a specific GIF you want to share that you are unable to find in Facebook’s built-in GIF tool.

 GIFs are actually trending. It is cool, simple and entertaining to express your thoughts in an innovative and interesting way.


In the end, going with the trend is a must. It indicates your way of getting along with the world. The digital world and social media are capturing the online market at a supersonic speed. If you also want to go with the flow and learn social media marketing and digital marketing, join Enrage Tech.


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