Things You Should Never Say At Work

Things You Should Never Say At Work 

Things You Should Never Say At Work will assist you to dodge Office Faux Pas. Management count on the employees working in that atmosphere. The communication is something which sails the boat of smooth working in the office. How To Sound Much Professional At The Office has a great significance in collaboration, accelerating employee engagement, and leading to positive business outcomes.

In the context of conversations, establishing beyond a doubt, use of the right choice of words or phrases will result in perceiving a way that will build bridges and strengthen trust.

Let’s understand the phrases or things you should never say at work that will do damage in the workplace:

1. “That’s Not My Problem”

The easiest way to get yourself out of the problem is to say “that’s not my problem”. I must say fella, you’ve just invited one by saying that phrase. Juggling in a lot of work and phasing this sentence is an invitation to more stress and bad attention in the office.

Instead of shunning away from the situation, just rephrase it by saying… “I recommend you to talk (redirecting towards the name of the responsible person)”

2. “But We have always done it that way”

Things You Should Never Say At Work

The human mind always hesitates for the change at first and easily go with the saying “But We have always done it that way”. Well, not accepting the change and sticking with the same rhythm is not cool at some point.

What to say instead… “Can you tell me why is it better?”. Hence, improving a better conversation between the two.

3. “There is nothing I can do”

Exhausting all the possibilities, still not getting the desired results certainly makes an employee say, “There is nothing I can do”. Running out of ideas and done with practicing the “can-do” attitude would demotivate your morale. This is what, at this point, things you should never say at work.

As rightly said, life gives you a second chance. Here what you should say instead… “I am a bit stuck, can you help me find any other options?”. And yes! the job is done.

4. “This will only take a minute”

When someone thinks of the office, one thing that strikes first in the mind is the huge burden of work. We often say “This will only take a minute” just to skip the rush of the work by the demanding colleague. Further, piling up the work with zero accountability.

One thing you can do instead by saying… “Let me get back to you on a timeframe”. This will reassure that person in a very mature manner. Try it!

5. “That makes no sense”

that makes no sense

Being in contradiction with the fellow employee is not a rare view in the office. But saying “That makes no sense” straight on his face is blunt and will rile the other person. Don’t become a negative person to just prove yourself right. In the end, regretting about it.

Why not choosing a diplomatic approach and saying… “I am not sure about that one. Can you tell me why it is a better option?”

6. “You are wrong”

Having contrasting opinions is a major reason in Office Faux Pas. One of the things you should never say at work includes this phrase “You are wrong”. This slip of the tongue will bring trouble in staying in the office for long.

Instead, say it wisely… “I disagree at this point and here’s why (telling your point of view)”. Further adding, “What do you think?”.

7. “I am sorry, but…”

An apology followed by an excuse is not a sensible choice of words. Saying “I am sorry, but…” will not only discourage your way of explaining rather it will hamper a sense of true apology to the other person.

Instead, work in this way by saying “I am sorry about that…next time I will…”

8. “I just assumed that…”

Miscommunication may arise manifold conflicts between the working environment. One must not say “I just assumed that…”, which might lead to further turbulence. Nonetheless, These Things You Should Never Say At Work as it is not justifying to express assumptions and hence, diving into clarifications.

Well, you have a way out from this mess by simply saying “Could you clarify what your expectations are for me?”

9. “I did my best”

Every individual does his best to earn reputation and recognition but saying “I did my best” is not good enough when your efforts are not up to the mark. It will merely be counted as an excuse. Learn to make it sound much more professional at the office.

How about saying it like this…“What could I do better next time?”. Simple and Appropriate.

we could definitely do this better

10. “You should have…”

Mistakes are meant to be corrected by someone. By saying “You should have…” would make the other person more frustrating. Blaming for the mistake needs a tone which should be polite yet effective to make that individual understand the mistake and correct it.

What to say instead- “It did not work- Here is what I recommend next time…”. Fairly justifying your statement.

11.”I may be wrong, but…”

Giving a suggestion by starting a line with “I may be wrong, but…” shows a lack of confidence. These kinds of things you should never say at work. In fact, avoid discounting yourself and let the people know your way of thinking about certain topic.

You can manage this situation by saying… “Here’s an idea…”

here is an idea to say in the office

12. “I haven’t had time”

Hiding under the piles of work is just so usual in the office. We often say “I haven’t had time” which makes us accountable to justify the procrastinated work. Discussing Things You Should Never Say At Work includes this phrase too. One has to be proactive with the time that work requires rather explaining the delay.

To avoid the conflicting priorities to occur, it’s easy to say…“I will be able to get this done by…”

I am sure this small alteration in the choice of words would assist in further growth and better communication in the office.


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